Painting and Drawing using the techniques of the old masters:

Artistic Member - Otago Art Society

Artists Statement:

I am a full time artist living and working in Palmerston, Otago.

The Pre-Raphaelites painters drew inspiration from Poetry, Literature, Roman and Greek mythology.

In a modern context I have updated and re-interpreted this by painting New Zealand heroes that are inspirational to both myself and many other fellow New Zealanders, starting with the Arts.


Friends of the  New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Wellington

Group Exhibitions:

New Zealand Art Show, Wellington - July 2011

Wai Art Portrait Awards, Carterton - March 2011
Casey Trust NZ Emerging Artist Exhibition, Auckland - September 2010
New Zealand Art Show, Wellington - July 2010
Dunedin Art Awards - Oct 2009


Learning from the masters, both current living ones and those from the past.

Portrait Drawing Online DVD - Senior Instructor David Jamieson - Vitruvian Fine Art Studio, Chicago, USA [2017]

Old Master Classical Painting Workshop DVD - Senior Instructor Fernando Freitas - Academy of Realist Art, Toronto, Canada [2016]

The Charles Bargue Drawing Companion DVD - Senior Instructor Fernando Freitas - Academy of Realist Art, Toronto, Canada [2015]

Charles Bargue & Jean-Leon Gerome - Old Masters French Drawing Course [ On going - refer to Bargue link on my website as work through every plate in the book as time allow ]

Guidance from Susan Bari Price - Teacher and Graduate of Aristides Classical Atelier - Seattle, USA)

Additional Workshops/Courses:

Donato Giancola - Joan of Arc [ 2014 ]
Drew Stuzan - Conceiving and Creating the Hellboy Movie Art Posters [ 2012 ]
Donato Giancola - The Mechanic  [ 2011 ]
Colour Theory for Painters - David Darrow [ 2010 ]
Shadow University - David Darrow [ 2010 ]
In the Flesh - David Darrow [ 2010 ]
Charcoal Heads - David Darrow [ 2010 ]

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