Bargue Drawing Course

Just completed Bargue Plate 1, 8 in pencil with white highlights in chalk

The foot of the Medici Venus. [Pied de la Ve'nus de Me'dicis]

This is the right foot of the much restored statue of Venus, which for centuries has been in the Rotunda of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. This marble, signed by Cleomenes, son of Apollodorus, is probably a copy of a Greek work in bronze. It was considered the epitome of female beauty well into the nineteenth century.

The drawing is the most refined encountered thus far in this course, with gentle transitions from the shadows to the lighter areas. Several important areas of half tones are added after the basic shadow has been established.

I found this plate a challenge. You have to draw all the details in, then start subtracting with negative space to indicate both the darker and lighter shadow areas.

Have completed plates 1,1 through to 1,8 and I feel that I am making good progress, in terms if spotting and correcting ones mistakes. These exercises certainly help when it comes to drawing in other areas.

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27/10/2017 - 0 Comments
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