Pricing of Artworks
Many Artists have issues about discussing their price of their art. I came across an interesting article on YouTube on how to create uniform pricing across your body of work.

In a nutshell the simplest and fairest method is to charge by the square inch or millimetre to cover your time and art materials [ Canvas, Mediums, Paints and Varnish etc ] This ensures and helps you converse with art collectors on how your end pricing was arrived at, should this come up in the conversation.

My painting year starts from May 1st 2017 through till April 30th 2018, and my rates for the current year are $2.00 per square inch. Next year, this rate will increase to $2.25 to keep pace with inflation.

I also keep a log on each painting noting each day how long is spent on the initial preparation of the canvas, early sketches, reference material, research, detailed drawing on canvas, painting of the dead colour (local colour) first painting and finally second painting.

Posted by Elizabeth Corish
28/05/2017 - 0 Comments
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